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Added information about the system config system to the coding notes file.

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......@@ -92,5 +92,34 @@ public function do_something($x, $y, $foo){
... do something interesting
// Where to store custom settings
-- Interface settings
The recommended place to store global interface settings is the ini style global config system
(see system.ini.master file in install/tpl/ to set defaults). The settings file
gets stored inside the ispconfig database. Settings can be accessed with the function:
$interface_settings = $app->getconf->get_global_config('modulename');
where modulename corresponds to the config section in the system.ini.master file.
To make the settings editable under System > interface config, add the new configuration
fields to the file interface/web/admin/form/system_config.tform.php and the corresponding
tempalte file in the templates subfolder of the admin module.
-- Server settings
Server settings are stored in the ini style server config system (see server.ini.master template file)
The settings file gets stored inside the ispconfig database in the server table. Settings can be
accessed with the function $app->getconf->get_server_config(....)
Example to access the web configuration:
$web_config = $app->getconf->get_server_config($server_id,'web');
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