Commit de30705b authored by mcramer's avatar mcramer

Bugfix: Sorting client table by id threw sql error

parent dda56131
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@
<table class="list">
<tr class="caption">
<th class="tbl_col_client_pid" scope="col"><tmpl_var name="client_id_txt"></th>
<th class="tbl_col_client_id" scope="col"><tmpl_var name="client_id_txt"></th>
<th class="tbl_col_company_name" scope="col"><tmpl_var name="company_name_txt"></th>
<th class="tbl_col_contact_name" scope="col"><tmpl_var name="contact_name_txt"></th>
<th class="tbl_col_username" scope="col"><tmpl_var name="username_txt"></th>
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