Commit ee0e1cc0 authored by tbrehm's avatar tbrehm
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Allow a server to join existing installations in expert mode.

parent 99c31484
......@@ -201,14 +201,15 @@ if($install_mode == 'Standard') {
// $conf['server_id'] = $inst->free_query('Unique Numeric ID of the server','1');
// Server ID is an autoInc value of the mysql database now
if(strtolower($inst->simple_query('Create Database',array('y','n'),'y')) == 'y') {
if(strtolower($inst->simple_query('Shall this server join a existing ISPConfig installation? If not, we will create a new database now',array('y','n'),'y')) == 'n') {
//* Create the mysql database
system('/etc/init.d/mysql restart');
//* Insert the Server record into the database
//* Insert the Server record into the database
if(strtolower($inst->simple_query('Configure Mail', array('y','n') ,'y') ) == 'y') {
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