Commit a0ef0346 authored by Marius Burkard's avatar Marius Burkard
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Merge branch 'patch-10' into 'master'

Add new "fa_client_circle.lng" file

See merge request ispconfig/ispconfig3!858
parents 110adbda bbfff551
$wb["Client Circle"] = 'حلقه مشتری';
$wb["Circle"] = 'حلقه';
$wb["circle_txt"] = 'حلقه';
$wb["circle_name_txt"] = 'نام حلقه';
$wb["client_ids_txt"] = 'مشتریان/نمایندگان فروش';
$wb["description_txt"] = 'توضیحات';
$wb["active_txt"] = 'فعال کردن';
\ No newline at end of file
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