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This script configures your server (Ubuntu 18.04 / Debian 9 and 10 currently) following the "perfect server tutorials" from and installs ISPConfig 3.
## Using the script
You can use the script with curl
`curl | sh`
or with wget
`wget -O - | sh`
You can also use the git repository for installing:
cd /tmp
git clone
cd ispconfig-autoinstaller
## Providing arguments to the installer
If you need to customize the install process you can provide arguments to the installer script. For example, if you want to enable debug logging and don't need mailman on your server:
`curl | sh -s -- --debug --no-mailman`
or using wget
`wget -O - | sh -s -- --debug --no-mailman`
If you checked out the installer from git you can simply pass the arguments to the script itself:
`./ --debug --no-mailman`
To see all available arguments, please provide the `--help` argument.
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