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Also relate spf record check to a soa

parent 8a03bc6b
......@@ -236,8 +236,10 @@ class page_action extends tform_actions {
// ... and an active spf-record (this breaks the current draft but DMARC is useless if you use DKIM or SPF
$sql = "SELECT * FROM dns_rr WHERE name LIKE ? AND type='TXT' AND (data LIKE 'v=spf1%' AND active = 'y')";
$temp = $app->db->queryAllRecords($sql, $domain_name.'.');
$sql = "SELECT * FROM dns_rr
LEFT JOIN dns_soa ON (dns_rr.zone=dns_soa.id)
WHERE dns_soa.origin = ? AND (dns_rr.name LIKE ? OR dns_rr.name = '') AND type='TXT' AND data like 'v=spf1%' AND dns_rr.active='Y'";
$temp = $app->db->queryAllRecords($sql, $soa['origin'], $soa['origin']);
// abort if more than 1 active spf-records (backward-compatibility)
if (is_array($temp[1])) {
if (isset($app->tform->errorMessage )) $app->tform->errorMessage = '<br/>' . $app->tform->errorMessage;
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