Commit 299f8ebf authored by Till Brehm's avatar Till Brehm
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Added support for git-stable branch (currently stable-3.1 branch) in ISPConfig...

Added support for git-stable branch (currently stable-3.1 branch) in ISPConfig update script for easier development and testing.
parent 6368225a
......@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ echo "\n".str_repeat('-', 80)."\n";
echo "\n\n>> Update \n\n";
echo "Please choose the update method. For production systems select 'stable'. \nWARNING: The update from GIT is only for development systems and may break your current setup. Do not use the GIT version on servers that host any live websites!\nNote: Update all slave server, before you update master server.\n\n";
$method = simple_query('Select update method', array('stable', 'git'), 'stable');
$method = simple_query('Select update method', array('stable', 'git-stable', 'git-master'), 'stable');
if($method == 'stable') {
$new_version = @file_get_contents('') or die('Unable to retrieve version file.');
......@@ -99,6 +99,9 @@ if($method == 'stable') {
} else {
echo "There are no updates available for ISPConfig ".ISPC_APP_VERSION."\n";
} elseif ($method == 'git-stable') {
} else {
umask 0077 \
&& tmpdir=`mktemp -dt "$(basename $0).XXXXXXXXXX"` \
&& test -d "${tmpdir}" \
&& cd "${tmpdir}"
} || {
echo 'mktemp failed'
exit 1
wget -O ispconfig3-dev.tar.gz ""
tar xzf ispconfig3-dev.tar.gz
echo -n "Latest git version: "
ls -1d ispconfig3-master*
cd ispconfig3-master*/install
php -q \
-d disable_classes= \
-d disable_functions= \
-d open_basedir= \
cd /tmp
rm -rf "${tmpdir}"
exit 0
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