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Updated coding notes.

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......@@ -8,6 +8,9 @@ Some guidelines for web development with php.
* Magic quotes is gone in php6, get used to it now. config = magic_quotes_gpc() Everything must be quoted
* Don't use ereg,split and other old function -> gone in php 5.4 or 6 (different information on
* Don't use shorttags. A Shorttag is <? and that is confusing with <?xml -> always <?php
* Column names in database tables and database table names are in lowercase
* Classes for the interface are located in interface/lib/classes/ and loaded with $app->uses() or $app->load() functions.
* Classes for the server are located in server/lib/classes/ and loaded with $app->uses() or $app->load() functions.
please mark any section that need review or work on with
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