Commit c796b615 authored by vogelor's avatar vogelor
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redo changes of the installer because of some sophisticated systems

parent 4142f13c
......@@ -232,13 +232,12 @@ if( !$inst->db->query('DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS '.$conf['mysql']['database']) ) {
if($conf['mysql']['master_slave_setup'] == 'y') {
* Because of security updates and because of new functions in den new Version it is
* better to ALWAYS reconfigure the rights and never ask!
* (for example if we add some new tables to the monitor and the old rights don't have the
* permission to read this tables the monitor always returns a error)
//** Update master database rights
$reconfigure_master_database_rights_answer = $inst->simple_query('Reconfigure Permissions in master database?', array('yes','no'),'no');
if($reconfigure_master_database_rights_answer == 'yes') {
//** empty all databases
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