Commit e933a5bc authored by vogelor's avatar vogelor
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Fixed a error in configuring user rights

parent 7aa134d7
......@@ -328,7 +328,7 @@ class installer_base {
$this->error('Unable to create database user in master database: '.$conf['mysql']['master_ispconfig_user'].' Error: '.$this->dbmaster->errorMessage);
$query = "GRANT SELECT, UPDATE (`action_status`, `response`) ON ".$conf['mysql']['master_database'].".`sys_remoteaction` "
$query = "GRANT SELECT, UPDATE (`action_state`, `response`) ON ".$conf['mysql']['master_database'].".`sys_remoteaction` "
."TO '".$conf['mysql']['master_ispconfig_user']."'@'".$src_host."' "
."IDENTIFIED BY '".$conf['mysql']['master_ispconfig_password']."';";
if(!$this->dbmaster->query($query)) {
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