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      Merge branch 'updater-interactive-service-config' into 'stable-3.1' · 504ba304
      Till Brehm authored
      Updater interactive service config -> Fixes and improvements
      This will fix the missing web config if ISPC Panel is to be updated on this host.
      It simply overrides the $conf['services']['web'] at config decisions.
      There is still one tiny bug left over: When selection yes to configure a newly detected service the field in database is not switched. Can you, @tbrehm guide me to where I have to search for this or is this simply not possible? But IIRC the updater enabled installed services before...
      It's not that hard to add a qquery to enable it but if there already si a mechanism I would love to reuse / fix it.
      fixes ispconfig/ispconfig3#4177
      See merge request !438
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      Merge branch 'updater-interactive-service-config' into 'stable-3.1' · 63e4afa2
      Till Brehm authored
      added request for DB Server on update
      Please review this as I don't know if there was any incompatible reason why db was always enabled hard coded or if it's just as it would have been detected anyways as it's always on a ISPC-Server.
      If you and ISPC are fine with probably getting a value `$conf['services']['db']` which is `false` on user behalf, then just merge without any further request.
      Merging this really and ultimately fixes ispconfig/ispconfig3#4050
      See merge request !437