Commit 0110094b authored by moglia's avatar moglia

Small brazilian portuguese language files update. br_database_list.lng

parent b023eb84
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ $wb['list_head_txt'] = 'Bancos de Dados';
$wb['active_txt'] = 'Ativo';
$wb['remote_access_txt'] = 'Acesso Remoto';
$wb['server_id_txt'] = 'Servidor';
$wb['database_user_txt'] = 'Usurio do Banco';
$wb['database_user_txt'] = 'Usuário do Banco';
$wb['database_name_txt'] = 'Nome do banco';
$wb['add_new_record_txt'] = 'Adcionar um novo banco';
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