Commit 3c5c2dc6 authored by tbrehm's avatar tbrehm
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Change mode of the logfiles to make them readable by the ispconfig interface user.

parent 82ca2750
......@@ -815,6 +815,14 @@ class installer_base {
//set the fast cgi starter script to executable
exec('chmod 755 '.$install_dir.'/interface/bin/php-fcgi');
//* Make the logs readable for the ispconfig user
if(@is_file('/var/log/mail.log')) exec('chmod +r /var/log/mail.log');
if(@is_file('/var/log/mail.warn')) exec('chmod +r /var/log/mail.warn');
if(@is_file('/var/log/mail.err')) exec('chmod +r /var/log/mail.err');
if(@is_file('/var/log/messages')) exec('chmod +r /var/log/messages');
public function configure_dbserver()
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