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Commit 782f4abd authored by Florian Schaal's avatar Florian Schaal
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fixed ip-handling for vserver

parent 04bc9d25
  • Developer

    This change breaks the IP address display when editing a vserver, so instead of showing the veserver's ip address, is shows nothing. If I revert this change, the vserver's IP address shows up correctly again. Additional IP's seem to work, too.

    I'm trying to determine if my database needs updated or if there's a bug here. My 'server' table has a single entry, with server_id=1. My openvz_ip table has all entries with server_id=1, even a new IP address I just entered. According to the change in this commit, it looks like openvz_ip.server_id would have to be set the same as vm_id, which is .. broken? (I very well may not understand exactly what all the fields do.)

    Edited by Jesse Norell
  • Author Contributor

    I can not reproduce your problem.

  • Owner

    Jesse is right, at least when I am looking at the code. Why do you set the "vm_server_id" with "vm_id" instead of "server_id" ?

  • Author Contributor

    I´ll have at the code after christmas. I just checked this this morning with a clean 3.1 and a new created vm and i had no problems with the IP. But there could be a bug if you upgrade to 3.1

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