Commit 8ae1a805 authored by Jesse Norell's avatar Jesse Norell
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default backup exclude directories

parent 737d20c0
......@@ -1289,7 +1289,13 @@ class backup
self::prepare_backup_dir($server_id, $web_domain);
$web_backup_dir = $backup_dir . '/web' . $web_id;
$backup_excludes = array(escapeshellarg('./backup\*'));
# default exclusions
$backup_excludes = array(
'./bin', './dev', './etc', './lib', './lib32', './lib64', './opt', './sys', './usr', './var', './proc', './run', './tmp',
$b_excludes = explode(',', trim($web_domain['backup_excludes']));
if (is_array($b_excludes) && !empty($b_excludes)) {
foreach ($b_excludes as $b_exclude) {
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