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ticket 827

For some reason till has made the version number not to load when no user is logged in.
Due to ajax login the version number remains not loaded even after login until the whole page is reloaded.
I didn't find any comment why is this done, so I revert it.
parent dd2551dd
......@@ -186,11 +186,7 @@ class app {
public function tpl_defaults()
$this->tpl->setVar('app_title', $this->_conf['app_title']);
if(isset($_SESSION['s']['user'])) {
$this->tpl->setVar('app_version', $this->_conf['app_version']);
} else {
$this->tpl->setVar('app_version', '');
$this->tpl->setVar('app_version', $this->_conf['app_version']);
$this->tpl->setVar('app_link', $this->_conf['app_link']);
if(isset($this->_conf['app_logo']) && $this->_conf['app_logo'] != '' && @is_file($this->_conf['app_logo'])){
$this->tpl->setVar('app_logo', '<img src="'.$this->_conf['app_logo'].'">');
......@@ -222,4 +218,4 @@ class app {
//* possible future = new app($conf);
$app = new app();
\ No newline at end of file
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