Commit ca8191e9 authored by tbrehm's avatar tbrehm
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Fixed: FS#896 - Error.log of website must be accessible by ftp user

parent 4ad810b7
......@@ -538,6 +538,10 @@ class apache2_plugin {
$this->_exec("chmod 777 ".escapeshellcmd($data["new"]["document_root"]."/tmp"));
// Change the owner of the error log to the owner of the website
if(!@is_file($data["new"]["document_root"]."/log/error.log")) exec('touch '.escapeshellcmd($data["new"]["document_root"])."/log/error.log");
$this->_exec("chown $username:$groupname ".escapeshellcmd($data["new"]["document_root"])."/log/error.log");
// Create the vhost config file
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