Commit fd166764 authored by Florian Schaal's avatar Florian Schaal
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fiexed typo in lng-file

parent d6cd11df
$wb['list_head_txt'] = 'E-Mail Datenverkehr';
$wb['email_txt'] = 'E-Mail Adresse';
$wb['this_month_txt'] = 'Aktuelles Monat';
$wb['last_month_txt'] = 'Vergangenes Monat';
$wb['this_month_txt'] = 'Aktueller Monat';
$wb['last_month_txt'] = 'Vergangener Monat';
$wb['this_year_txt'] = 'Aktuelles Jahr';
$wb['last_year_txt'] = 'Vergangenes Jahr';
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