Enable Default Remote IP for MySQL user regardless of the database and web server

Open Brian requested to merge branov/ispconfig3:default-mysql-remote-ip into develop


default remote mysql IP address (configured in Main config) is configured only when the database is created on the other server than the website in multiserver setup.

I would like to propose changing this behavior to configure the default mysql remote ip address in all cases, which means configuring default remote mysql ip address even when the DB server and webserver are the same (for example in multiserver setup), or even when ispconfig is installed on a single server.

The main reason, and how I found this, is when you have multiserver setup you usually want to have only one phpmyadmin / adminer installed for the whole infrastructure. I usually install PMA on the master server. MySQL is usually installed on the webserver which means that PMA is not able to connect to mysql db because ip is not allowed. Forcing every single user to configure remote access per database is not very convenient. This would be also beneficial for other use cases, even single server setups.

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