ISPConfig 3.2.1 release

What’s new in ISPConfig 3.2.1?

This release fixes several minor bugs that were found in the previous version and implements some new features. Here are a few highlights:

Important on multi-server installations: Please answer yes when asked if you want to reconfigure permissions in master database.


  • Added the hostname to system log emails
  • The update script now checks for conf-custom templates and offers to rename them on update
  • You can now run a forced update to reconfigure services and install variables using the --force parameter on the upgrade command
  • Fixed database compatibility issues


  • Fixed a bug which made adding new mailman lists impossible


  • The messages module can now be disabled under System -> Main Config -> Misc


  • APS can now be re-enabled through the UI under System -> Main Config. Please note that APS will be fully removed from ISPConfig in the near future because there are no more up-to-date packages available.
  • Added context to the redirect labels so it is clear to end users which option does what
  • The option to pick a SSH authentication mode has been moved from System -> Main Config -> Misc to System -> Main Config -> Sites. If you had this configured, you will have to reconfigure it.
  • Fixed a issue where old database backups weren't deleted
  • Fixed the creation of database backups on servers that only hold the database and not the website.
  • Improved shell user path check due to security concerns


  • We need to support TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 a little longer for Postfix. We added ciphers for TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 so the protocols fully work again.
  • Fixed a bug that made configuring RBL's through the UI impossible
  • Fixed a bug with rspamd where spam rules weren't updated after changing editing a policy.


  • You can now enable DNSSEC when creating a zone with the wizard automatically by adding "dnssec_wanted=Y" to the template.


  • Fixed a bug where the hosts file on mirrors was changed wrong

You can see the full changelog here: